To Arches / Canyonlands


Departing Aquarius to Arches / Canyonlands
As you travel East on Route 24, observe the remnants and feel the spirit of those hardy pioneers who settled and made this their home. In Blue Valley, later named Giles, a portion of the Abbott home stands and in Capitol Reef visit the one room Behunin Cabin. With each journey through this special place, called Capitol Reef, new pleasures meet the eye. A different rock formation, a different blend of colors—Mother Nature uses all to sculptor and paint her masterpieces. Don’t miss her beautiful painting on the canyon wall just west of the Behunin Cabin. With bold strokes of buff, chocolate brown and a touch of rust, emerges the head of a husky. Colors merging and blending bring forth pointed ears, dark eyes and nose and continue into the ruff around his neck. There is no mistaking this wonderful work of art. Stop at the waterfall and see how water can cut and form the red sandstone. A nice swim would feel so refreshing after a hard day of sight seeing.

Water Wheel

Water Wheel
On your way to visit the goblins, be sure to stop at the Bureau of Land Management Office in Hanksville, located at 406 South 100 West, and view the twenty-foot water wheel on display. This masterpiece of balance and precision was built entirely by hand. For years it rested in solitude and unused on the Henry Mountains until the BLM moved it, by helicopter, to its present location. It is truly an engineering masterpiece and was used to mill gold ore.

Goblin Valley Goblins

Goblin Valley
Travel north on Highway 24 from Hanksville and introduce yourself to the goblins. The State Park is hidden off of Highway 24 and Temple Mountain Junction. You will be traveling southwest 11 miles on an improved gravel road.
The name, Goblin Valley, gets the imaginative juices flowing and when you witness this awe-inspiring valley, the imagination will not stop.
The valley is about a mile wide and two miles long with a population of hundreds of muted red rocks shaped eerily like goblins, trolls or what ever the imagination conjures up. Wind and water have eroded and carved away the weaker sandstone layers and left harder rock, thus creating and strewing the goblins about the valley floor. There is unlimited hiking among the strange rock formations and coves. A camera is a must to catch these mischievous goblins in all their fanciful best. Picnicking with the goblins would surely be a treat. Picnic tables, vault toilets and drinking water are available in this silent valley, inhabited by hundreds.