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Itinerary Ideas: Fish Lake Area

The deep blue body known as Fish Lake, Utah, is cradled by lofty mountains clothed with a thick blanket of Aspen giving way to green of the pines on higher slopes—a breathtaking sight just off highway 24 traveling on Route 25. Fish Lake, near Capitol Reef National Park, offers some of the best Utah trout fishing; visitors also catch splake and huge mackinaw. Boats are available for rent. Making the scenic loop, Route 25 winds its way around Fish Lake to Johnson Reservoir and past slopes of black volcanic rock. Here the Fremont River heads and makes its way through Johnson Valley where its cool, clear waters offer great fishing. The river flows into Mill Meadows where its waters are backed up behind an earthen dam and also offers boating and fishing.

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Fish Lake Area

Fish Lake Area
Fall is a beautiful time of year to make this scenic loop when shimmering green leaves turn to majestic gold. In summer or fall, watch for deer, elk and an occasional moose. Keep an eye to the sky for Golden and Bald Eagles. Winter is a great time for ice southern Utah’s Fish Lake which is great fun no matter the season.