Caineville Mesas

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Itinerary Ideas: ATV / Dirt Biking at the Caineville Mesas

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Traveling 40 miles East on Hwy. 24 from the Aquarius Inn will get you to the blue clay hills of Caineville – a paradise of hills and valleys just waiting for ATV and dirt bike enthusiasts. These same hills provided fun and entertainment for children of all ages since the early settlers. Now the fun comes with wheels. The steep clay hillsides are bare of vegetation and rocks are practically non-existing thus providing the best riding possible. Professional and amateur riders alike can appreciate the challenge and the thrill of making the top. Freestyle motocross riders have been filmed here and know well the name Caineville. So for a day of family fun, bring the little kids, the big kids and the in between kids because there is a hill to match the wild side of everyone.